All Enchiladas in our combinations are Cheese and Onion.
Beef or Chicken at your request.

Combination A $8.99

One Taco, Enchilada, Refried Beans with melted cheese, and rice

Combination B $9.99

Two Chile Rellenos, Rice, Refried Beans with melted cheese

Combination C $9.99

One Burrito, Taco, Rice, and Refried Beans

Combination D $7.99

One Taco, Enchilada, and one Burrito

Combination E $9.40

One Chile Relleno, one Taco, one Enchilada, Refried Beans with melted Cheese and Rice

Combination F $9.99

One Tamale, one Burrito, and one Enchilada

Combination G $9.99

One Enchilada, one Tamale, Rice and Beans

Combination H $9.99

One Beef Quesadilla, Spanish Rice, one Cheese Enchilada and Refried Beans with Cheese

Combination I $13.99

Grilled Chicken with Salad and Choice of rice or french fries

Combination J $9.99

One Enchilada, Burrito, Rice and Beans

Combination K $9.40

One Burrito, one Chalupa & one Beef Taco & Enchilada

Combination L $8.99

Two Tacos with Rice and Beans

Combination M $9.99

Burrito, Enchilada and Chile Relleno

Combination N $9.99

Taco, Burrito, Chile Relleno

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