Spinach Dip $6.99

Beef Dip $6.99

Guacamole, Bean, or Cheese Dip $5.99

Dip with Chips $6.99

Nachos $7.99

With Beans or Cheese

Nachos $8.99

With Beef or Chicken

Combo Nachos $9.99

With Beef and Beans

Nachos Supreme $11.99

With Beef or Chicken

Queso Con Chorizo $6.99

Three Flour Tortillas

Nachos Al Carbon $12.99 | Tex $15.99

Flour or Corn. Served with beans, chicken or steak, and cheese

Fajita Nachos Tex $15.99 | Sup $16.99

Steak or chicken with grilled onion, tomatoes, and peppers

*All Nachos are Topped with Melted Cheese

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